LNI For Schools

Partner to Build, Operate & Sustain Visionary Schools

India was once a land of Enterpreneurs, known as ‘SONE KI CHIDIYA’, we lost this status by forced colonial education and destroying ancient Gurukul education system, the very foundation of the evolved prosperous society. World is different then and now, boundaries between coutries have ceased, its one connected world, we need to prepare our children for this global world and evolve the best Intrapreneurs and Enterpreneurs. Hence we need to embark the mission of transforming every School in India into a Visionary School by adopting Holistic Education, Yes Go Holisitic with LearnNInspire !!

Our Stake Holders

School Founders
School Management
Non Teaching Staff


Four Pillars of Excellence
  • Holistic Development
  • Holistic Learning
  • Holistic Growth
  • Holistic Transformation
360 degrees learning experience for your child that brings about overall development in the Mind-Body-Spirit and strengthen CORE BEING

My School Lab

Al Technology Lab

Al Prototyping Software I Al Voice Controlled and Hardware Robot


AR-VR Lab 3D Modelling Software I AR VR Development Software Bluetooth Remote I Oculus Premium VR Headset

Drone Simulation

Pluto 1.2 Programmable Drone I 3D Simulator

LNI Process

LNI Platform Features

Our Programs

For Students:

LNI Digital School: This holistic education program  covers Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Core Values, Technology Leadership, 21st Century Skills and Life Skills.

For Teachers:

Teachers R Leaders (TRL): This program helps and evolves the role of a Teacher into a Leader and bring the transformation in the School

For Principals:

Leader of Leaders (LOL): This program helps and evolves Principals to take higher role of Leadership as Leader of the Leaders and inspire the transformation of the School and stake holders

For Non-Teaching:

Leadership Orientation Program (LOP): This program helps the non teaching staff to move towards their next level of consciousness, move from observe to contribute and accelerate the school transformation

For Founders:

School Transformation Leader (STL): This program helps and evolves founders to connect to their higher purpose and the opportunity to build a Visionary School. What begins has to end, so is the life of everyone of us, blessed are those who have the Schools, who have the ideas of the School as Founders. Hence the Founders have the unique opportunity to build Visionary Schools and impact the next gen, community and contribute in building nation

For Parents:

Making Great Parents (MGP): This program helps Parents to connect to their children at much more deeper level and move as a friend (Sarathi) and evolve thor children into Visionary Global Citizens, reaching their best potential in the areas of their talent, passion, doing what they love and getting paid for doing what they love. Live a life inspired from the teachings of Parents and Teachers