About Us

Brand Philosophy:

Technology has become an integral part of life. Almost everything nowadays has technology involved in it! And it’s a great start for future generations for learning to access technology, access the internet and gadgets. It’s our turn to introduce them to evolved methods of learning, taking notes and studying.

We, at Learn n Inspire, will help your child reach the summit of self-growth. We will hold their hands through their learning experience along with their school education and help them learn and grow and develop a personality that stands out. Our aim is to create differentiation, unlock potential, transform the lives of every individual so that they live to their highest potential and be an inspiration for others.

Our Mission

To bring in differentiation and transformation in the lives of people through Upskilling across diverse sectors.

Our Vision

To touch and transform 10 million lives through Education, Entrepreneurship & Employment.

Why Choose Us?

The world is changing, and changing fast. Technology, education, health, eating habits, dress – there is hardly anything in life that is not changing. While some changes we like and enjoy, others create fear and anxiety.

Our biggest challenge is to ensure the children of today develop the confidence to accept and handle these changes and are taught important values such as empathy, hard work, perseverance, kindness, self-care etc.

The Core Team

Dr. R Rajaram

Board Member,
Ex State Head, ITCOT

Rumina Yasmin

BU Head
Skill Development

Jyoti Hatti



Research & Development



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